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The Ginetta G55 GT4 2019 is the latest generation of the homologated G55 range which raced on almost every continent of the world and is one of the most successful GT4 cars ever made.

Homologated for the international stage, it is eligible for competition within a variety of global endurance and sprint racing series.

  • facts & figures

    Lightest car in the field

    With a curb weight of just over 1.100kg, the Ginetta GT4 is the lightest out of the entire field in the GT4 category

  • Technical specifications


    Ford 3.7 litre V6 front-Mid mounted engine
    Power: 355 BHP
    Capacity: 3,700 cc



    9″ front and 10″ rear



    Front splitter
    Rear aero diffuser
    Rear wing
    Full flat floor
    Inner wheel arches
    FIA approved space frame chassis
    FIA approved side impact protection

  • Lightest GT4 car of the field

    With a weight just over 1.000kg, the Ginetta GT4 is one of the lightest GT4 car in the field.

  • 3.7 Ford Engine with 380 hp.

    The car is powered by a Ginetta tuned 3.7 liter Ford V6 producing 380hp. in line with the SRO GT4 BoP.

  • A real drivers car

    The Ginetta G55 GT4 with all modern electronics like race ABS & Traction Control will give every driver a challenge he will enjoy 100%

Get behind the wheel.